The Grass is Turning Greener

It’s been a long, cold winter and for most professionals in my industry it’s been a slow winter in reference to sales.  One huge factor to that is the weather; with all this snow it’s been hard for buyers to imagine what the landscape of a yard will look like.  It’s also been hard for sellers to see past buyers coming through their home on a cold, muddy winter day.  Yet all of that has been changing in the past 2 weeks, with warmer temperatures the snow is melting. We are now beginning to see the green grass and more homes are coming on the market and more buyers are beginning to get excited about the spring market. 

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to ask.

John Connolly


About John Connolly, Realtor

John Connolly is a full time REALTOR and Vice President of SUCCESS! Real Estate. Please feel free to contact John directly: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @JConnollyRE LinkedIn: If you are a seller John and his team will implement his state of the art marketing plan to find a qualified buyer for your home quickly, offering you solid peace of mind. If you are a buyer John and his team carefully assess your needs before pinpointing the home that you desire, truly listening to your needs and wants.
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One Response to The Grass is Turning Greener

  1. GJ says:

    A bursting bubble is not something that is easily fixed by authorities, because their attempts to limit further damage are misplaced. The damage has already been done. It is contained within too many houses, and too many strip malls sold for too high prices, and too many goods imported and bought on credit. All of that is done. All that’s left is figuring out who ends up holding the bag, and right now these guys are working hard to assure that that’s you.

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