Making Home Insurance Claims after Storm Damage

The South Shore was hit hard and many of our communities are still without power…what can you do if you suffered damage?


Individuals who suffer damage to their homes after a storm are urged to contact their insurers right away. Why is this the case? Because depending on the amount of damage your home sustains, you will likely be placedas a higher priority.Thesooner you start the home insurance claims process, the sooner you will be able to receive your claim settlement.


About John Connolly, Realtor

John Connolly is a full time REALTOR and Vice President of SUCCESS! Real Estate. Please feel free to contact John directly: Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @JConnollyRE LinkedIn: If you are a seller John and his team will implement his state of the art marketing plan to find a qualified buyer for your home quickly, offering you solid peace of mind. If you are a buyer John and his team carefully assess your needs before pinpointing the home that you desire, truly listening to your needs and wants.
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