Short Sale Education Center


Welcome to the Short Sale Education Center


The Basics…

What is a SHORT SALE?
A Realtor will negotiate with the bank on your behalf and do all that he can to get them to forgive the difference between what you owe and what the home is worth (even if you have multiple mortgages on your home).  The best part is the Bank pays all closing costs including a Realtor’s commission!

  • Are you behind on your mortgage?
  • Is the loan modification process a nightmare?
  • Do you owe more money than your home is worth?

Then read on…

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Advantages of a Short Sale…

1.  Sell Your Home Quickly and Easily for Top Market Value
3.  Avoid Foreclosure and Bankruptcy
4. Save your CREDIT
5. Potentially Walk Away From Your Home with No Debt and No Tax Consequesnces

Do you currently owe more on your property than what it is worth?  You may be able to walk away from your property without having a foreclosure on your record and without owing the Bank anything.  You can relieve yourself of the bad investment, the stress, and the burden.

Here in the Short Sale Education Center you will find helpful resources and information about the short sale process.  redcross.jpg Need immediate help?  Click Here

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A Guide to Short Sales
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: Homeowners Guide to the Short Sale of Real Estate Everything you need to know about Realtors and Short Sales Local information about protecting your investment

Useful Articles:

Housing Counsel: What’s a Short Sale

How To Do a Short Sale

Use a short sale to escape foreclosure

Short Sales vs Foreclosures – The Real Deal

Don’t foreclose! Do a short sale


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